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Powergate Training is a group of dedicated, well qualified skills development professionals within the mining, construction and lifting equipment sector.

Operating under MQA, CETA, TETA and SERVICESSETA with the preferred outcome based unit standards.

Boasting a client base across all mineral commodities, construction and private sectors in Southern Africa.

At Powergate Training, we Contantly striving to ensure excellent training services to produce a competent work force.


Human Recources

Powergate training has more then 80 years mining experience in it staff members and more that 20 years construction and lifting equipment experience.

With the Diversity of people from different background we specialise in the mining, construction and lifting industry.




As with all outcome based training we at Powergate Trainng are accredited to conduct training as per the respective SETAs.

Listed Below are our accreditations:
MQA – 16/MQA/0727/AC3//120717
TETA 18 – 1042
CETA ACC/18/07/00046

Powergate training is also:

ISO 9001:2015 Certified With ALPHA
BBBEE Level 2 Contributor


Value proposition

We are a specialist training service provider to the mining sector.

Mission: To get value training to employees.
Vision: To be small but one of the most powerful training providers. One on one training and group training.