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Full Qualification

Skills Programmes

Machinery Cources

Short Courses

  • National Certficate: Rockbreaking Surface Excavations (62869)
Skills Programmes
  • Blasting Assistant in Surface Mines and Quarries (SP/CLA-G017)
  • Competent Person A – The Examination; Making Safe and Declaring Safe of Surface Mines; Quarries; Dumps and Stockpiles (SP/CLA-G015)
  • The Control of Explosives Magazines on Surface Mines and Quarries (SP/CLA-G018)
  • Competent Person B: The Installation; Maintenance and Removal of Support Units in Surface Mines and Quarries (SP/CLA-G016)
  • Operating Mobile Equipment for Surface Excavation Operations  (MQA/SP/0148/13)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Activities for: Part Time/Workplace Representatives and Shop Stewards in the Mining and Minerals – (SHE Rep)  (MQA/SP/0120/10)
  • The Handling of Explosives in Mines (MQA/SP/0124/10)
Machinery Courses
  • Load material using a face shovel (257032)
  • Relocate material using a dragline (256996)
  • Drill blast holes in a surface mining operation (257026)
  • Excavate and load material using hydraulic excavator (257076)
  • Grade material using a motor grader (257115)
  • Operate tractor loader backhoe (257028)
  • Operate an articulated dump truck (262745)
  • Relocate machines and equipment using a lowbed (257018)
  • Suppress dust using a water bowser (257060)
  • Transport and distribute explosives by means of a light duty explosives vehicle (257015)
  • Transport and distribute explosives using a heavy duty explosives vehicle (257017)
  • Transport and distribute fuel using a fuel bowser (257135)
  • Transport material and equipment using a flat back truck (257020)
  • Transport personnel; material and equipment using Light Delivery Vehicle (257025)
  • Use a track dozer to move material (257038)
  • Load; transport and place explosives components into blast holes using a mixer- placer truck (257019)
  • Move trailing cable using cable reeler (256995)
  • Load, haul and dump material using a scraper (257035)
  • Load and offload material using a skid steer loader (257034)
  • Load; Haul and Dump material using a front end loader (257031)
  • Illuminate an area using a lighting plant (257077)
  • Deliver compressed air using a mobile electrical compressor (256998)
  • Doze material using a rubber wheel dozer (257021)
  • Haul and dump material using a haul truck (257024)
  • Break rock using a hydraulic rock breaker (256997)
  • Operate a skid steer loader (116210)
  • Lift and move material and equipment by means of a forklift (244365)
  • Remove broken rock by means of a scraper winch in an underground workplace (244360)
  • Operate a mixer-placer explosives truck (230018)